Fallani, the company who fulfill the desire for candies, since 1926

The barley candies where created in the Fallani’s Factory, as they used to do at the beginning of the last century in the pharmacies. Even today, our candies are made with few ingredients, and they are still together with the Italian families. Our candies have all the requirements for being an high quality product, but they have something extra: they are all cooked “with direct fire”, the most ancient and traditional method of cooking, used by confectioners in the early '900. This ancient method of cooking allows the sugar to caramelize releasing and highlighting its flavor. The market in the last years has become more and more demanding, so the Fallani’s family, together with our organic certification, has been able to achieve a wide range of products. The company also achieved the IFS certification and the training for the production of gluten-free candies. Since 1926 Fallani grants the production of its sweets with the “cooking with direct fire”. Try our unmistakable goodness, you will be surprised of their particularities

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Private Label

We create your custom tastes as like we already realize: 
saffron, rosemary, prickly pear, archibuse, seaweed, camu camu, erisim, boswellia, turmeric, ginger, herbs, lime, lilac, violet, sundew, guarana, quinoa.


Innovation meet our tradition

We have already told you about our traditional method of production, but you should know that many of our products, like barley, are being made following our ancient receipts.The secrets about the manipulation of the sugar are the base of our Know-how, that allows us to produce an high quality product with its natural flavor.